Our Boats

Our goal is to make everything simple and easy for you. If you need recommendations, you have experienced, local seamen (us!) at your disposal.

No driving experience necessary. Anyone can navigate, but we'll be sure to show you how to navigate and control the boat in a simple and secure way.

If you prefer a more comfortable journey in the sea, guided and assisted by one of us, jump on our admired "Angelina," a typical Ligurian gozzo, over 8m long, equipped with a cabin. The security and practicality of this class of boat is what makes it the choice of Ligurian seamen.

Every boat is meticulously maintained and 100% safe. The efficiency of the engines are insured and come with a full tank with a 10L reserve.

Finally, in keeping with the philosophy of the marine park, we put great emphasis on the environmental aspect: We use environmentally safe paint, we do not use antifouling fairings (instead, the boats are cleaned by hand, the old fashioned way), and some boats are equipped with an electric motor powered by solar panel.

Small boats for rent: canadian and rubber boats


For the utmost independence, we have a few small boats (rubber and aluminum boats), a little longer than 4m, equipped with small, outboard motors. Ideal for reaching beautiful spots on your own, these boats are perfect for a romantic day trip or a fun time with family and friends. And don't worry, it's all easy to manage - to navigate the motor, to row, to throw in the anchor in the sea for a quick dip, to moor to one of the 5 villages.. You can live like a local! With each rental, we'll ask for an approximate time of return, then explain the constraints of the Marine Protected Area, a quick explanation of the necessities on-board and you're off!

The Ligurian gozzo, "Angelina DADA", guided tours

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Our boat, the "Angelina," is a Ligurian gozzo, 8.5m, accommodates up to 9 persons, and comes with a cabin, kitchen, full cockpit, a panoramic sun deck, mounted diesel 90cv motor, a shower, a refrigerator and much more! On this boat, we will accompany you on tours and excursions along the coast. We'll guide you through the most fascinating bays, we'll show you the most beautiful views, you can swim where you choose, and if you want, we'll tell you about the people, the place and the history of the villages! So, ask away! Children are happily welcomed on-board! We have floats and life jackets for every age, even a rollout bed in the cabin for an afternoon nap!

Our itinerary

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Our most popular excursion that starts in the marina at Riomaggiore and explores the whole Marine Protected Area and all its 5 villages. Dive in caves under fresh waterfalls, swim in natural pools with snacks and aperitifs aboard. Undoubtedly an unforgettable journey. Duration: 3+ hours.
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Sunset Tour
A romantic sunset tour that begins around 7pm. Sit back with a glass of wine and see all the colors that only the cinque terre has to offer. Duration: 1-2+ hours
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Dolphin Watching
An exciting trip inside the whale sanctuary beyond the boundaries of the Marine Protected Area, with swim stops included. Although the encounter of dolphins cannot be guaranteed, this beautiful excursion along the coast towards the east makes it worthwhile.
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Portovenere and Palmaria
A trip to the east, with a visit to the archipelago island of Palmaria. Includes swim and dive stops and the cove of Byron. Duration: 4+ hours
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Ligurian Coast
A "long distance" tour (approx. 35 miles). Includes a visit to the entire gulf of the Cinque Terre plus villages west of Ligurian coast (Levanto, Bonassola and Framura). Swim stops available and snacks provided upon request. Duration: 5-6+ hours
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Sport Fishing
A special adventure out in the ligurian sea! Aboard our "Angelina," experience life as a resident and a local fisherman. We will provide all the necessary equipment. With a bit of luck, you may come home with a big catch! Duration: varies, depending on the season and technique used to catch the fish.