The itineraries below are only examples and can be changed to include more destinations, eats and rest stops.

The Cinque Terre Tour


Our most popular tour. Departure from the marina of Riomaggiore, includes excursion across the Marine Protected Area and the 5 villages with swim stops in natural pools, dives in coves under fresh waterfalls and snacks and aperitifs on-board. Duration: 3+ hours

The Sunset Tour

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A romantic tour that departs at 7pm with possibility of aperitifs on-board. The unique colors of the sky that only the cinque terre can offer make this a truly unique experience. Duration: 1-2 hours

Dolphin Tour

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An exciting trip inside the whale sanctuary and beyond the boundaries of the Marine Protected Area, this excursion can also include swim stops. Although we cannot guarantee the encounter of dolphins, this tour along the coast of levante La Spezia makes this worthwhile. Duration: 3+ hours

Portovenere & Palmaria Tour

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A trip to the east, with a visit to the archipelago island of PALMARIA. Includes swim and dive stops and the cove of Byron. Duration: 4+ hours

Coast of Levante Ligure Tour

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A long distance tour (approx. 35 miles). Includes a visit to the entire gulf of the Cinque Terre, plus villages west of the Ligurian coast (Levanto, Bonassola, and Framura). Swim stops available and snacks provide upon request on-board. Duration: 5-6+ hours

Fishing Tour

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A special excursion out in the Ligurian sea for fishing! While we will provide all the necessary equipment, you bring the excitement! Experience life as a resident and bring home a healthy Mediterranean meal! Duration: varies, depending on the season and technique used to catch the fish.


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Patrimonio dell'Umanità
The Marine Protected Area of the Cinque Terre extends along the coast 18km, located between Punto Montenero to the east and the promontory of Punto Mesco to the west, in the province of La Spezia.

The territory is presented as a stretch of coast that forms almost a single gulf; closed to the land by a coast overlooking the sea, where there is a succession, clinging to the rocks and nested inside are steep and narrow valleys, the villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, alternated with bays, small beaches, caves and ravines between rocks.

This unique landscape is the result not only of the complex orography of the mountainous area and the dense intertwining of the course of the centuries, but also the components of historical nature, social and cultural uses of the territory and the identity of these places.

The presence of animal and plant species in this stretch of sea is particularly rich and varied: numerous organisms populate the rocky walls, and the dried and isolated rocks. The seabed of the Cinque Terre is considered among the most varied and rich in that of Liguria where vital species share space, some rare in other parts of the Mediterranean.

Zone A of the Marine Protected Area represents the area most valuable, which are subject to greater protection for reasons of restocking and conservation. For this, engine access in this area is forbidden.

Towards the east, 3 miles in the direction of La Spezia, the archipelago of Palmaria, island in the park of Portovenere (Palmaria island, Tino and Tinetto), characterized by diverse environments, like caves and cliffs overlooking the sea and beaches offer a fascinating atmosphere.

From the infamous beauty of the Cinque Terre to the islands, this unique place is recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage and makes it an unforgettable vacation to every tourist.