About our boats

Boat with electric motor


In compliance with strict environmental standards and in coherence with the Atheist Marine Protected, all our boats come with a propulsion eco-photovoltaic swimmer.

Our electric boat offers the possibility of a propulsion to zero impact, in the silence of electricity recharged by the sun. While you swim or relax on-board, the photovoltaic panel will recharge your battery to guarantee you a safe return!

The "Angelina DADA"

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A brief history: Our "Angelina" was originally a lifeboat for the famous transatlantic, "Leonardo da Vinci" (a beautiful passenger ship of 240m). After a serious fire on-board, the ship was dismantled and the parts that were still usable were sold. The lifeboat, however, remained undamaged and sold to a yard that dismantles vessels. Lifeboats, by definition, are the extreme survival and rescue boats. Their rough shells are safe and spacious, capable of taking on-board a considerable number of people in case if emergency and remains the last hope for the unfortunate. It must therefore, be robust (tests were carried out by launching the boat into the sea from 30m high!), safe and in particular, save as many lives as possible! This lifeboat was abandoned at the beginning of 2000 and then purchased by a craftsman from Lerici. Danil, a "navigated" sailor, skilled craftsmen and son of a fisherman bought it to use with his family. With the help of friends and colleagues, he reconstructed and redesigned the deck, dealing with the hull with modern protective cycles, strengthening further the structure and arming it with a reliable engine - finally, embellishing the superstructure with equipment and objects from boats of the 1930s and 1940s. The result was a deckhouse with ample space and cabin with 2 rollout beds, a sofa, a kitchenette and a large area at the stern. The Angelina's new design was inspired by the boat of Popeye. About 2 years ago, the boat was sold - with the promise that it will be taken good care of by the new owner. In respect to its past, we have decided to keep it's original name, "Angelina DADA." Dedicated to it's ex-owner (Danilo), his wife (Angela), and sons (Damiano and Alessio).


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Small, light boats in aluminum, with oars or with a small motor. No license or experience necessary. Max 3-4 persons.
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Rubber boats
Small rubber boats with a motor, 4 meters, comfortable and secure, ideal for groups. Max 4 persons.
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Typical ligurian boat, 4.5 meters, classic and fast, ideal for farther destinations, with possibility of a driver. Max 4-5 persons.
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Angelina Dada
A beautiful, classic ligurian cabin boat, 8.6 meters, comfortable and secure, with driver. Max 8 persons.